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PM Chairs National Security Meeting


PM Chairs National Security Meeting

Staff Report ISLAMABAD: A key meeting on National Security began here on Thursday with PM Nawaz Sharif in the chair to discuss several essential issu

Prof Ibrahim Asks Govt, Taliban To Move Cautiously


Prof Ibrahim Asks Govt, Taliban To Move Cautiously

Staff Report PESHAWAR: Taliban peace negotiator Professor Ibrahim has said that his team would continue to making efforts for long lasting peace insp

Survivors Still Alive On South Korean Ferry: Father


Survivors Still Alive On South Korean Ferry: Father

JINDO, South Korea: Several people appear to have survived in an air pocket of a capsized South Korean ferry, the father of one of the school children

Dismissals: IHC Issues Notices To Najam Sethi, Zaka Ashraf


Dismissals: IHC Issues Notices To Najam Sethi, Zaka Ashraf

Staff Report ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court on Thursday issued notices to Chariman PCB Zaka Ashraf in a case related to dismissal of member scrutiny

Staff Report ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has summoned crucial meeting of
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HARIPUR: Several school-going children were injured when a vehicle carrying them plun
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News Desk LAHORE: Ameer Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj ul Haq on Wednesday said that his
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NEW DELHI: Prime ministerial frontrunner Narendra Modi said he was committed to a pol
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SEOUL: About 160 passengers, including high school students, were plucked to safety o
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RIYADH: Saudi Arabian intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the architect of R
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MUMBAI: A number of news agencies have decided against covering cricket's Indian Prem
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MADRID: A week ago, Barcelona still had a chance of repeating the historic treble of
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MUMBAI: Leading Spanish club Atletico Madrid and former cricketers Sachin Tendulkar a
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LOS ANGELES: The brothers of actor Paul Walker, who died in November, will fill in fo
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LOS ANGELES: Marvel's red-white-and-blue superhero soared to a second straight box of
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LOS ANGELES: As temperatures continue to rise and habitats come under threat, a group
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Can peace talks stop terror incidents across Pakistan?

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    8 years… Thousands shows… A milestone in current affairs programs in the history of Television broadcasting in Pakistan… Now presenting a new attraction… Live with Mujahid – MB is starting his own show on Saturday and Sunday – in his original style but in a different way. Normally in our TV channels today, content-wise, the morning shows have limited to offer (either comedy...

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    Pakistan Aaj Raat interviews news-makers and personalities from across the country. PAR gets behind the stories that make the news. From political leaders to entertainers to individuals. Program provides facts, analysis and heated debates on contentious issues. Host BY Shahzad Iqbal ...

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    No matter how sharp a criminal might be, he always leaves a trace to his hideout. Our show focuses on that trail of criminals and nabs them in the act red handed....

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    An eye-opening show for the viewers, real footage and exclusive spy-cam shoot. From medicine to food, from streets to Authorities, covering and highlighting the corruption, contamination, cheating and frauds of the society. In order to get the things of the country on the right path, undercover will make the authorities accountable. Watch every Sunday @ 8:00 PM...

    Sunday 08:05 PM
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