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Ways to protect yourself from Swine Flu
Ways to protect yourself from Swine Flu
Last Updated at: 7 month(s) ago
Lahore: Technically, the term "swine flu" refers to influenza in pigs. Occasionally, pigs transmit influenza viruses to people, mainly to hog farmers and veterinarians. Less often, someone infected with swine flu passes the infection to others.

The human respiratory infection caused by a particular influenza virus H1N1 strain, popularly known as swine flu.

H1N1 flu symptoms develop about one to three days after you're exposed to the virus.

H1N1 flu signs and symptoms in humans are similar to those of other flu strains:

1. Fever (but not always)
2. Cough
3. Sore throat
4. Runny or stuffy nose
5. Watery, red eyes
6. Body aches
7. Headache
8. Fatigue
9. Diarrhea
10. Nausea and vomiting

These measures also help prevent swine flu (H1N1 flu) and limit its spread:

Stay home if you're sick: If you have swine flu (H1N1 flu), you can give it to others. Stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone.

Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently: Use soap and water, or if they're unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Contain your coughs and sneezes: Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. To avoid contaminating your hands, cough or sneeze into a tissue or the inner crook of your elbow.

Avoid contact: Stay away from crowds if possible. And if you're at high risk of complications from the flu — for example, you're younger than 5 or you're 65 or older, you're pregnant, or you have a chronic medical condition such as asthma — consider avoiding swine barns at seasonal fairs and elsewhere.

Reduce exposure within your household: If a member of your household has swine flu, designate only one household member to be responsible for the ill person's personal care.

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