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Actress Humaima Malick speaks out
Actress Humaima Malick speaks out
Published at: 2 year(s) ago
KARACHI: TV and film actress Humaima Malick Wednesday joined calls for the recovery of missing rights activists and bloggers, becoming the first artist to speak up on the issue.

At least four activists known for their leftist views have gone missing from Punjab and Islamabad, causing an outrage on social media with the calls for their safe release.

Those missing include poet and academic Salman Haider, Waqas Goraya, Asim Saeed and Ahmed Raza Naseer. A fifth activist, Samar Abbas, is also reported to be missing since Saturday, but there is no official confirmation about his disappearance.

A social media campaign titled #RecoverAllActivists has been launched to demand the safe return of the bloggers and activists.

Joining the campaign on Twitter, Humaima, who is known for her activism on social media, questioned the state’s failure to protect its own people.

“Why can’t we protect our people?” the actress wrote.

HUMAIMA MALICK ? @HumaimaMalick
Why can't we protect our people? #RecoverAllActivists
8:09 PM - 11 Jan 2017
10 10 Retweets 64 64 likes
In a second tweet, she said it was truly saddening to see all these beautiful people disappearing.

HUMAIMA MALICK ? @HumaimaMalick
It's truly saddening to see all these beautiful people disappearing #RecoverAllActivists
8:10 PM - 11 Jan 2017
12 12 Retweets 66 66 likes
Following are some of the tweets posted on the issue:

RIP HUMAN RIGHTS #RecoverAllActivists
8:27 PM - 11 Jan 2017
Retweets likes
Tufail Malik @mTufailMalik

Only courts should be allowed to give punishments, abduction is against human rights #RecoverAllActivists
8:06 PM - 11 Jan 2017
1 1 Retweet 2 2 likes
Mamma Mia @RHayat54
U can't tolerate the truth which shows how intolerable we r as a nation..Sach kabhi nahi chuph sakta #RecoverAllActivists
7:56 PM - 11 Jan 2017
1 1 Retweet 6 6 likes
Nighat Dad ? @nighatdad
Dear Interior Minister, cities don’t become safe with the installation of #surveillance cams, political will is needed. #recoverAllActivists
7:47 PM - 11 Jan 2017
17 17 Retweets 25 25 likes
Marvi Sirmed ? @marvisirmed
When the powerful (individuals, groups & institutions) are angry at your writings rest assure you’ve done your job well#RecoverAllActivists
3:30 PM - 11 Jan 2017
58 58 Retweets 95 95 likes
Murad Khalid @Murdehwar
#RecoverAllActivists and give them a fair trial, as simple as that.
7:31 PM - 11 Jan 2017
Retweets likes
Jiya seher @Jiyaseher1
Prayers 4 them.. #RecoverAllActivists
7:30 PM - 11 Jan 2017
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